Message boards

Having a web based discussion forum has become a "de-facto" standard for websites. It's one of the best ways to increase the interaction and dynamics of a website and enhance your web community.

The ASP Fast Forum is an out-of-the box web based discussion forum that makes the introduction of a message board to a website fast and simple.

Using the message board

A typical usage of a web based discussion forum could be:

A visitor, John, posts a question/issue/statement in the forum, perhaps attaching an image in order to illustrate the words of his message.

Another visitor, Jane, reads Johns message, writes a reply and posts it in the forum.

An email is automatically sent to John, notifying him that there is a reply to his original message. Following a link in the email John returns to the forum. John reads the reply posted by Jane, he then writes a new reply and posts it in the forum. An email is automatically sent to Jane ... The discussion continues with new replies, new messages, and new users taking part in discussions, more replies and email notifications.

ASP Fast Forum

ASP Fast Forum is a web based discussion forum designed to make the usage, installation, customisation, maintenance and further development as easy as possible. It is easy to use for the not so experienced user, it packs the power and robustness for large projects and has the structure and engineering that makes it easy to modify to fit your specific needs.

That is why AFF has customers like:

Accenture, Cisco, Compaq, Dolby, Deloitte & Touche, Danfoss, Hewlett Packard, Hotel Ritz, IBM, Siemens Westinghouse, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, United Nations at Geneva, University of Minnesota, University of New Mexico, Vestas Wind Systems, Verizon, Washington State University. And may others, ranging from the smallest websites to large online communities or intranets.